Early years : Discovering, learning and creating with all the senses
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Objectives ?
Discovering an environment through all senses and creativity for future early years teachers and in a second step with children under 6.
Creating a “tool box” of ideas that can be used with children; using the personal experience in the home institutions, the experience gained during the IP on the field and taking the most from the lectures provided by experts from the different partner institutions.
Being able to document one’s development throughout the project.

In Belgium, in the province of Namur, in a small village Gesves / Haugimont.
On the border of a village, next to fields and forests.
                                             2012 information

Participants ?
Students who study to become early years teachers (for children from 2 ½ to 6)
Students who are motivated by an international experience, who are open to others and otherness
Students who are keen on meeting others
Students who are curious about human, environmental and professional discoveries

2 credits are awarded for the participation.
A certificate is given to each participant.