Early years : Discovering, learning and creating with all the senses
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APRIL 14-15

Sunday 14th of April

18:00: We have finally arrived. What will be waiting for us? Chantal is already in Martin Codolar with two more teachers and she has given us a piece of a picture that we will find in room door. Later on a student with another piece of the puzzle will come and she/he will be our expected room mate.

20:00: Dinner time. Every country has brought something special to eat from their cities. We have explained everything. We all have eaten together and try to meet a bit each other.

21:00: The teachers have prepared some ice-breaking activities to get to know each other and, of course, our names. Like clapping and saying the name. Or some song like: “Jean petit qui danse” – “Les petites marionettes”… And after that, all the group felt that they wanted also to sing songs from their countries, all related to the children education. It was funny to listen to other languages and also nice to see the choreographies some of the songs had.

22:00: The latest students have arrived and have met their room mates.

Tomorrow we will start with the activities…


Monday 15
th of April

First day, new people… why not starting with some ice-breaking activities? A good idea to meet our room mate and also the surroundings of Martin Codolar.

Since the theme of this program is “Discovering the city through the senses” we have been organized in pairs (the person we share our room with) and she/he has been the person who has discovered us the surroundings.

Blindfolded, we had no more choice but to trust in our room mate (without knowing her/him in advance). We have been testing our touch with the objects our room mate took to discover.

We have been organized in groups A1-A2/B1-B2/C1-C2.

A1-A2 have been in La Boquería and Las Ramblas too, the old city BUT we have discovered new things and developed our senses because we went there BLINFOLDER, all the group walked without seeing anything, we had to smell things and guess where we were. It was an amazing experience for us and also for the people who were walking through the street.

B1-B2 have been in the seminary doing some exercises to try to do a flash mob in the park Güell.

We started with Brigitte Mouffe “the song painter” (it is a new USA movement). For this activity we cut the group in three little groups and we had a “boss”, we learned some symbols (only with the hands) and when the boss did one of the symbols in front of a little group… it was like an orchestra…

After, with Dietlinde Fuchs, another teacher, we learned a song “Dumba Dumba song” and we learned the movement/ choreography. We did a lot of tries to be sure and ready for the flash mob. In the park we did the flash mob in several parts of the park. We tried to surprise the tourists… and it was a real success.

At the end of the activity, we did a short feedback to check our feelings and opinions.

19:00: We started ” the story dragon” who will be a ritual every day. We will have to sing a song everyday:

“Three golden apples fall from heaven

One is for the person who tells the tale

One is for the person who listens to it

and one is for the person who passes it on.”

The first story was “The knight with a short head” tells by Belgium (French community / Namur and Liege”) students. The presentation of the story was really simple, because they wanted to present the story like a story tale…

The story told about a knight who wanted to find his king’s future… but since he had a short head, he passed near his future just because after having seen a witch, the knight saw his future but he didn’t catch it because he didn’t have time for it.

21:00: Spanish Evening. It is the first international evening and the four Spanish girls seem to be very nervous. They have showed some interesting places of Madrid and Barcelona and also some videos. After that we have played to make a puzzle about some places from Madrid. We have also played to draw while listening to music to express our feelings. After this, Sandra (from Barcelona) has sung several songs to end the evening in a sweet way.





Marion Hoyos – Begona Vacas